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A Garden Curiosity

It’s a piece of garden joinery, designed to weather and age. Eventually the steel will shift from oily black to rusty orange, the timber from warmer yellows to a weathered grey - the slow seasons of a decade or two. Like everything in a garden, its impermanence reveals the passage of time.

The brief for this modest project required a new balustrade and storage within a private urban garden. Building on the brief, the finished design incorporates a planter box and integrated lighting as a backdrop for evenings spent amongst the shadowy trees.

Every exposed surface of the unit has been designed to be demountable see technical drawings. Should the timber someday rot and the steel rust through, these elements simply unclip from the galvanised substructure for easy replacement.

There is a final curiosity. The adjoining house sits below the water table and uses an automated pump to keep the subfloor dry. After periods of rain, inbuilt spray nozzles atomise the water, ejecting a cloud of mist over the garden - an unpredictable delight in an already magical garden sanctuary.

Location  Fitzroy
Completed  2011
Budget  $18,000
Photos  Tom Ross