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Our philosophy

Architecture architecture’s reputation for inventive spatial solutions has seen us consistently awarded for design excellence. Whether we’re designing a school classroom or a city square,
our philosophy is underpinned by five key concerns:

  1. Architecture architecture have a genuine curiosity for our fellow human beings. We look beyond the brief to better understand the people we serve.
  2. Architecture architecture prioritise the pursuit of physical and psychological comfort in all aspects of our work and practice.
  3. Architecture architecture create positive social environments, encouraging participation, exploration and inclusion.
  4. Architecture architecture create sensitive contemporary designs that harmonise with their social, historical and environmental contexts.
  5. Architecture architecture create robust and healthy built environments. Sunlight, fresh air and sustainable materials are key to every project.

Our services

Architecture architecture is an award-winning Melbourne-based practice, recognised for its dedication to contemporary architecture and design. With extensive experience working with residential, institutional and commercial clients, Architecture architecture have a reputation for delivering high quality design outcomes for projects of all types and sizes.

We are committed to providing exceptional design and project management services to all our clients. Under the directorship of Michael Roper and Nick James, Architecture architecture offer the benefits of large-scale project capability along with the innovation and client-focus of a smaller architecture practice.

Our design method is highly collaborative and adaptive, responding to the unique requirements of every commission. It is our belief that a successful project demands an acute appreciation for who our clients are, the opportunities of the site, as well as an understanding of the broader cultural context in which the project arises. With these in mind, Architecture architecture pursue intelligent, well-crafted solutions, unlocking the latent ambitions of client, site and city.

We understand that delivering your project on budget is of prime importance. During both the design and construction phases, we work closely with you, a quantity surveyor and the builder to keep your project on course.

Quality design outcomes are assured, with a design director taking charge of the daily operation of every project. Client and consultant communications, project progress and design decision are all centrally managed, using established budgetary and project management tools to ensure that every project is a success. Our projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality expected from our clients.

Selected awards

  • National Architecture Awards
  • 2023 David Oppenheim Award for Sustainable Architecture; Nightingale Village.
  • 2023 Frederick Romberg Award for Multiple Housing; Nightingale Village.
  • 2023 Commendation for Urban Design; Nightingale Village.
  • 2023 Eleanor Cullis-Hill Award for Residential Architecture; Sunday.
  • 2022 Eleanor Cullis-Hill Award for Residential Architecture; Arcadia.
  • 2017 Commendation for Residential Architecture; Dark Horse.

  • Victorian Architecture Awards
  • 2023 Dimity Reed Melbourne Prize; Nightingale Village.
  • 2023 Allan & Beth Coldicutt Award for Sustainable Architecture; Nightingale Village.
  • 2023 Award for Multiple Housing; Nightingale Village.
  • 2023 Award for Urban Design; Nightingale Village.
  • 2023 John & Phyllis Murphy Award for Residential Architecture; Sunday.
  • 2022 John & Phyllis Murphy Award for Residential Architecture; Arcadia.
  • 2021 Award for Residential Architecture; Vivarium.
  • 2018 Award for Residential Architecture; The Kite.
  • 2017 Award for Residential Architecture; Dark Horse.
  • 2016 Emerging Architect Prize.
  • 2013 Commendation for Small Project Architecture; The Purple Rose of Cairo.

Our CV

Architecture architecture is an award winning Melbourne-based practice recognised for its commitment to contemporary architecture. As leaders in next-generation design, the practice strives to foster an awareness of the built environment and its social effects. Whether it’s a backyard shed or a city skyline, Architecture architecture’s design philosophy is underpinned by a firm belief in the potential of architecture to foster positive environments at all scales of building. The following CV combines achievements by the practice and its directors.


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Nick James,


Nick has an unmatched eye for detail and excellent communication skills. He enjoys a hands-on approach, building strong rapport with clients, consultants and builders alike. Client satisfaction is paramount to Nick, striving for design solutions that delight and surprise.

Nick has taught architectural design in the Masters’ program at the University of Melbourne, served as a director of the Nightingale Village development, and has twice been a jury member in the Victorian architecture awards program. Prior to establishing Architecture architecture Nick spent several years working with multi award-winning practices in both Melbourne and Vancouver delivering high quality residential, commercial, social housing, retail and urban design projects.

Nick is a passionate father, weekend gardener and sometimes iron man. When he’s not at the drawing board or cross-training for a race, he can be found reading to the flowers or lovingly watering his children.

Michael Roper,


Michael is an inventive designer with an exacting sense of spatial and material composition. He takes immense pleasure in the design process, engaging in lively collaboration with his team. He seeks solutions that are pragmatic and poetic.

Michael has taught architectural design both in Melbourne and abroad and was the founding Program Manager at the ANCB Metropolitan Laboratory in Berlin. He has served on the University of Melbourne’s Architecture Advisory Board and was a founding member of Nightingale Housing. He has written for architectural journals, served on several juries for the Victorian architecture awards program, and is a regular tour guide for Open House Melbourne.

Michael has a passion for the arts. He served eight years on the board of performing arts company Chamber Made, has performed and designed for the theatre, and is a co-author of Among Buildings reflecting on significant Melbourne architecture through photography and poetry. When he’s not at his desk or in a theatre, Michael can be found with a surfboard under his feet.

Xeyiing Ng,


Xeyiing has great ambitions for architecture, striving to create a happier, safer world. She carries out her mission one project at a time, designing spaces that people can enjoy and take refuge in. She is a passionate communicator of ideas and will always advocate for quality outcomes.

Xeyiing believes that architecture has the potential to positively impact the lives of people, and passionately strives to achieve this. She dedicates her free time volunteering architectural services to local monasteries, crafting meditative spaces for quiet reflection.

Angus Hamilton,


Angus exemplifies diligence and thoughtfulness. His excellent project management skills, communication and attention to detail are reflected in the high quality of his work. Like his Scottish stature, he strives to think big, and takes pleasure in building amiable rapport with clients, consultants and builders.

Angus is an avid ceramicist and has represented Australia as a rugby player, receiving the award for Best Team Man on a tour of the United Kingdom.

Daria Selleck,


Daria is a talented designer, with a strong focus on the experiential and emotive qualities that architecture can evoke through materials, light and detail. She deeply enjoys the design process; each iteration enriching and sharpening the original idea. She seeks to create architecture that facilitates, engages and enhances her clients lives.

Daria has been extensively published for her collaborative work, designing and constructing small-scale structures and installations. She is a co-curator of the NAM (New Architects Melbourne) lecture series and podcasts.

Byron Meyer,

senior architect.

Byron develops integrated designs that resonate with their social and physical contexts. He enjoys engaging with critical and complex questions, learning from others and through experimentation. He’s driven to apply his design intelligence to higher purposes, creating connected and inclusive built environments.

Byron has taught design studios at bachelor and masters level, and made substantial contributions to the Robin Boyd Foundation through writing and research on contemporary and modernist architecture.

Emily Tang,


Emily is an inquisitive all-rounder. She has a boundless curiosity for the connection between people and the spaces they occupy and finds joy in discovering the unique opportunities each project presents. Through her work Emily aspires to create approachable and thoughtful spaces with moments of delight.

If her nose isn’t stuck in a book, Emily can also be found in front of a pottery wheel or working on an ongoing series of personal illustration.

Angus Wirth,


Angus is an empathetic designer who brings consideration and thoughtfulness to all projects. His experience in construction has made him a formidable architect with an eye for simplicity. Angus’ design work is complemented by his drawing practice, where he enjoys exploring the space between art and the built environment.

Having spent the majority of his career working on the tools, Angus now thrives on devoting more time to the design process as well as focusing on his art practice where he is working towards his first solo exhibition. As a lover of wild Australian landscapes, Angus is an avid hiker who would happily spend any spare moment immersed in the wilderness.

Annie Hui,

graduate of architecture.

Annie is an inquisitive and eclectic designer, proficient in experiential and creative solutions. Their passions center around the role of sociology, culture, and media within the built environment. Through their design approach, they seek to curate emotive and engaging spatial experiences.

Annie has a number of creative pursuits including product design and exhibition curation. With a keen interest in materials, body and form, they dedicate their spare time to various woven and handcrafted projects.