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liberated from social and functional obligation.

Space is a mysterious thing. Left unbounded it is endless and yet, lacking perceptible dimension, collapses into singularity. Only when we limit space, giving it structure, does it begin to express its dimensions.

As a lump of flesh the physical body occupies very little space at all. If it were entirely self-sufficient, perhaps we’d be content with a shrink-wrapped existence, enduring in a state of perfect protection.

Our nutritional, material and social needs demand we engage with the world outside our bodies. For this we have developed senses, extending our experience into the space around us.

Perhaps it is true that space can be plotted on just three axes, but if this is true, those axes would surely be functional, social and emotional. Comfort exists where it attends to all three. And then there is the question of spirit.

Free of hat stands and toasters, the space overhead has long been held sacred; a canvas for deities and celestial beings, the arcing sun and the evening stars.
It is this firmament, liberated from social and functional obligation, cleared of life’s clutter, where we are free to imagine; to indulge the dream of our higher selves.

Some our best work happens in this space;

ceilings and rooves that lift, fold, and crack open.
Letting the in the sky, holding it there for contemplation;
letting out the spirit, connecting us with the endless.

More to come.