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A Rose by Another, table detail

A Rose by Another

In the grounds of Melbourne’s famed Cairo apartments, a crop of wild roses are taking seed. The first was an unlikely shade of purple. The latest is a rose by another hue, and just as sweet.

Like its predecessor, A Rose by Another combines adaptable and fold-down elements see detail drawing to allow the space to transform from bedroom, to dining room, to lounge, to media room, creating flexibility and enhancing the sense of spaciousness.

Above the bed, a cupboard door swings down with projector affixed, delivering it to just the right location and at just the right height. Similarly, a timber table with a white aluminium surface folds out of the wall, its elegant hairpin leg slotting into the floor to hold it steady. The bed itself, finished in Victorian Ash, folds away to reveal a simple white shelf and a plush sofa upholstered in fine Italian wool.

Each of these elements is seamlessly integrated into a wall of joinery, designed to complement both the material palette and the proportions of this heritage listed apartment.

As with its predecessor and completing the composition, a full height curtain opens and closes with the mood of the day; this time a fragrant green. Breathe it in.

location  Cairo apartments, Fitzroy
completed  2015
budget  $50,000
Awards  2016, Houses Awards, shortlisted
detail  See table detail
photos  Tom Ross